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Bespoke Jewellery Design

Coppins bespoke jewellery design service allows you to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery. Our experienced designers will work closely with you to bring your vision to life, guiding you through crafting a unique item from the initial concepts to the final design and creation.

New lease of Life

Remodelling Heirlooms

We understand the sentimental value inherited jewellery holds, but sometimes seldom-worn items need a new lease of life. By remodelling and repurposing your precious metal and stones, we can give your heirlooms a new look with a design more befitting your style. Remodelling your vintage or inherited jewellery can be very rewarding and preserve your cherished memories for generations to come.

The exciting process of bespoke jewellery making and remodelling starts with an initial design briefing with one of our designers. This can be in person at our Corsham atelier or by phone or email. Booking with us is simple. You can book using the form below, phone, email or send us a WhatsApp.

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The Design Process

Step 1 - Booking a Design Consultation

The first step in creating a bespoke piece of jewellery is to book a free design consultation with one of our talented in-house designer jewellers. Our bespoke service has no additional charges, and quotations provided are no obligation.

Booking with us is simple. You can book using the form below, phone, email or send us a WhatsApp.

If you’re unable to visit us in person, don’t worry. We can still discuss and design bespoke commissions remotely through email, phone, or video calls. So, no matter where you are, we can create a unique piece that is perfect for you.

Step 2 - Inspiration

Once an appointment is in the diary, it’s time to get creative. Don’t worry if you’re unsure where to start – inspiration for a new piece of jewellery can come from anything and everything, from the places you’ve been to the things you’ve seen.

To make sure we understand your vision for the piece, take some time to think about your personal preferences and tastes. For example, do you have a favourite colour, metal or finish? Is there a particular gemstone with a special meaning for you? or do you have a preferred artistic style?

Collecting photos and any other imagery or drawing sketches are all useful in helping us bring your design to life. Whether you bring it in person or email it over, everything provided will give us a better understanding of what’s in your mind’s eye.

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Step 3 - Design Consultation

During the consultation, our designers will take your ideas and inspirations and create a series of sketches. These initial concepts become the working drawings we adjust until we reach a final design.

You are welcome to explore our extensive diamond and gemstone collection for inspiration, playing with different combinations of stones and metals, or we can have stones sent from worldwide suppliers for you to choose from. We can discuss budgets and costs affecting the final design during the consultation and advise on metals and stones accordingly.

When a final design and costs have been agreed on, a detailed rendering of the piece will be drawn using pencil and paper or CAD (Computer-aided design) software; we may also make models in wax or metal.

Once the design has been agreed upon, we will take a non-refundable deposit (usually 50%) before making begins.

Step 4 - Creation

When a final design has been agreed upon, our artisans can start to bring your piece to life. Some items are hand forged; others may be created using CAD (Computer-aided design) software, cast, and then hand-fettled.

Using this well-perfected mix of traditional goldsmithing skills alongside modern technology, we will craft your creation to achieve the highest possible standard.

However your precious piece is created, our goldsmiths can take photos of the progression and update you at different stages.

Once the design is confirmed, we will start the making process; this typically takes 6-8 weeks. However, we are always happy to work within customers’ timescales wherever possible.

Step 5 - Collect Your Creation

On collection day, your finished bespoke piece will have travelled through our polishing room and be boxed, ready for the final reveal. When you arrive we will first check the final bespoke creation is exactly how you envisaged, then check the size and fit of the item to ensure your absolute satisfaction.

Step 6 - Aftercare

All Coppins bespoke creations come with a two-year warranty against design, material or workmanship defects. Bespoke items also benefit from free lifetime cleaning and polishing at our Corsham atelier.

We recommend having your piece cleaned annually in our in-house workshop this gives our team time to check your item closely with a jeweller’s loupe or under the microscope checking for any signs of wear and tear.

Taking good care of your jewellery with our free lifetime cleaning promise will ensure it can be enjoyed for generations.


Designed and Handmade


We have an excellent team of master craftspeople, including in-house designers, goldsmiths, silversmiths, stone setters and gemologists. With our 150+ years of combined knowledge of jewellery and design, there is very little our experienced team cannot bring to fruition.

So, whether you’re looking to create a bespoke wedding or engagement ring, treat yourself to something truly out of the ordinary, remodel a family heirloom or tailor a design to a specific budget, our bespoke jewellery service is a perfect choice.

“Daisy and her team are friendly and professional. They recycled an unwanted tennis bracelet into a beautiful eternity ring. Daisy immediately understood what I was after and the finished piece of jewellery was exactly what I hoped for. Coppins made the process of creating a unique ring very enjoyable and I highly recommend them.”

Justin Roberts

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To start the exciting process of creating a bespoke piece of jewellery, we offer an free no-obligation consultation to discuss design ideas. So, if you’re interested in learning more or are considering having a bespoke piece made, please get in touch using the form below, give us a call or send us a WhatsApp.


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