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Connoisseurs All-Purpose Jewelry Cleansing Foam – a high-efficiency jewellery cleaner in a new foamy formula. Connoisseurs Cleansing Foam cleans all jewellery…including diamonds, gemstones, pearls, gold, platinum and fashion jewellery. The brilliant foaming action safely melts away dirt and grime, leaving simply dazzling jewellery behind. Connoisseurs All-Purpose Jewelry Cleansing Foam is non-toxic and biodegradable…safe for people, pets, and the environment.


1. Apply foam directly to your jewellery.
2. Let soak for 30 – 60 seconds (If needed, use a soft brush to clean difficult-to-reach crevices)
3. Rinse thoroughly in warm water
4. Dry jewellery with a lint-free cloth.
5. Use either the Connoisseurs silver or gold polishing cloth to give your jewellery added shine. The silver polishing cloth will apply an anti-tarnish barrier to your jewellery.

For more information on Connoisseurs Delicate Jewellery Cleaner, click here.

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