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Regular use of Connoisseurs Precious Jewellery Cleaner will bring out the brilliance of your gold, platinum, diamonds & precious stone jewellery. Polymers in Connoisseurs jewellery cleaning formula help to reduce the appearance of tiny scratches in settings. Connoisseurs Precious Bath is a good way to clean almost all metals in use in jewellery making today.


1. Carefully cut the seal from the jar.
2. Place only one piece of jewellery in the dip tray. Lower the dip tray into the cleaning solution for up to a minute. It is not necessary to soak for any extended period of time.
3. Remove the dip tray from the jar and rinse thoroughly in room temperature water. The cleansing brush included with the cleaner may be used to clean difficult-to-reach crevices.
4. Dry jewellery with a lint-free cloth.
5. Use either the Connoisseurs silver or gold polishing cloth to give your jewellery added shine. The silver polishing cloth will apply an anti-tarnish barrier to your jewellery.

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